03/19/2021 - Rough Draft

For as far back as it can be researched, politicians only speak or discuss a handful of social issues that are most important to their political aspirations or to the interest of their voters. But there are so many more issues that get little or no discussion. It is the mission of The DwarfStar Chronicles to attempt to detail most, if not all, social issues and to provide a platform(s) for open discussions of these issues. To accomplish this monumental task, we are using this website to develop an online book with comments / posts by registered users.

So let’s get started. First was creating a list of issues. The list was comprised of over 200 issues. This was considered too much to cover in one chapter, so issues will be grouped together by category and each category will have its own chapter. The current 38 major issues are being organized into 18-20 categories. Each issue also needs to be considered from an individual, locale,  regional, national, and global perspectives.

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